Vote for Sherri!

img_1931Our Muttville foster, Al, has a very important message for you today. Muttville founder, Sherri Franklin, has been nominated for CNN’s Hero of the Year award. Thanks to Sherri, and all of the supporters of Muttville, over 4,000 dogs have been saved, including our little foster, Al. Sherri is Al’s hero and he urges you to help make Sherri CNN’s Hero of the Year. Read Sherri’s story, then vote for Sherri using any of the methods below:

1. Type “VOTE Sherri Franklin” in a message on the CNN Heroes FB page

2. Vote:

3.Tweet Sherri Franklin


Norton Gets Clean

Foster dogs often come from shelters and rescues that have graciously taken them in, but that also have a hard time keeping up with all of the dogs in their care (that’s why fostering is so important!). When you first take in a foster, they typically arrive dirty. The first order of business is always a bath!